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What is Cervical Radiculopathy and How Can PT Help?

Cervical Radiculopathy path of nerve pain

Cervical Radiculopathy refers to pain associated with a pinched nerve in the neck. Radiculopathy can occur for many reasons including disc herniations and arthritis. Nerves in the cervical spine primarily control sensations and strength in the arm which is where the symptoms of radiculopathy will occur. Symptoms of cervical radiculopathy include sharp pain in one or both arms, weakness in arms, numbness and tingling and occasionally weakness with gripping activities. Depending on which nerve is being pinched depends on where the symptoms will occur.

If you are having these symptoms and would like to get rid of the pain, physical therapy should be your first course of action. At Professional Rehabilitation Services, we can perform an evaluation to see which areas need to be improved upon. During the evaluation, your physical therapist will assess joint mobility, soft tissue mobility, range of motion, strength and flexibility which could all be working together to aid in the symptoms of cervical radiculopathy.

Many times, patients get pushed towards surgery when these symptoms arise, but a physical therapist can use conservative techniques to treat the pain and allow you to return to full function without surgery. It is recommended to find a physical therapist that basis of treatment is manual therapy including dry needling, ART, joint mobilizations, and soft tissue mobilization (i.e., massage).

Cervical Radiculopathy causing elbow pain

Using manual therapy can help move the structures in the neck causing the pinched nerve. As the joints and muscles become more mobile the pressure on the pinched nerve begins to subside. Once the nerve is released the pain should recede.

At Professional Rehabilitation Services, we specialize in designing a specific program for each patient to ensure a successful recovery. No one should have to live with pain…if you are tired of dealing with aches and pains daily give us a call and see what we can do for you.

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