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Pain Relief

Are aches and pains limiting what you can do?

Not any more

With Professional Rehabilitation Services "Pain Relief Program"

Do you think that growing older automatically leads to pain, here's some great news. It doesn't. Many people suffer from:

...which can be acute, chronic or from injuries. Yet many people still believe that their aches and pains are a natural part of aging.

At PRS our highly trained and skilled Certified Manual Therapists, Board Certified Orthopaedic Physical Therapists and Sports Therapy Therapists use proven hands-on manual therapy techniques through extensive training to help people of all ages overcome pain, injuries, and get back to living.

Our Physical Therapy Experts effectively treat acute pain, chronic pain, disabling arthritic pain, post-operative pain, and pain from injuries. We successfully treat pain and the root causes affecting mobility in the neck and back, shoulders, elbow, hip, knees, foot and ankle, the jaw and all other joints.

How We Find the Cause of Your Pain and Discover the Right Treatment Options

At Professional Rehabilitation we address the root causes rather than treating the symptoms to eliminate pain. We combine our background and education in biomechanics, evidence-based medicine and clinical expertise to identify the patient's dysfunction. Then, utilizing manual therapy techniques, therapeutic exercise and physical therapy modalities, we establish an individualized plan of care to improve the patient's injury and functional deficit. Our techniques have been drawn from extensive continuing education training and certificate programs and go far beyond typical physical therapy treatments provided at other clinics. Each therapist at PRS brings unique training and manual skills to your problem.By combining our abilities and knowledge, we can help you achieve the best possible results.

Common Treatment Option

Manual Therapy - A Proven Approach

Using Manual Therapy involves mobilizing, massaging, stretching, and exercising the area of pain in a gentle and controlled manner. During treatment, patients learn how to continually progress through home exercises, and how to relieve pain should it reoccur. One of the most common misconceptions is that it takes many sessions to begin to see results - this is simply not true. Most patients experience a significant decrease in pain levels after their first few sessions.

The overall goal of the Manual Therapy process is to:

  • Find the root cause of pain and treat it
  • Prevent the cause from re-occurring
  • Teach the patient to self-treat if pain should ever occur again

What to Expect From Manual Physical Therapy Treatment

Our Certified Manual Therapists, Board Certified Orthopedic and Certified Sports Therapy Physical Therapists start with a thorough evaluation of your pain history. We also evaluate physical limitations, your movement, strength, coordination and balance. Your therapist will employ gentle hands on specific tests of movement to your spine and extremities. A therapist trained in manual therapy can quickly get to the root of your problem and show you from where your pain and limitations originate. Your therapist will work with you to formulate a plan that will address the cause of your pain. Treatment will begin on the first visit so that you can begin to experience relief. Subsequent visits focus on the problem areas. These involve gently restoring specific joint movements, increasing joint muscle coordination, core strengthening, and improving supporting spinal joint muscles strength. You will then be taught the underlying cause of your condition so you can stay pain free. Patients use this knowledge to alleviate their pain and keep it from returning.

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We invite you to give us a call personally and allow us to schedule you for a Complimentary 15 minute consultation on how to "Get Out of Pain" discussion with one of our physical therapists. Whether you've been injured in an accident or suffer from a painful, chronic condition we want to make it easy for you to learn about our advance and highly personalized care."

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