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Professional Rehab Introduces: Korebalance The Future of Vestibular Therapy and Fall Prevention

By: Dr. Brian P. Kinmartin, PT, DPT, MTC, OCS, STC, CWcHP, Cert. DN

Brian P. Kinmartin, PT, DPT, MTC, OCS, STC, CWcHP, Cert. DN, owner of Professional Rehabilitation Services, Inc. has treated patients in the Georgetown and Horry Counties over the last ten years. He has earned a doctorate degree in Physical Therapy from the University of St. Augustine, a specialty certificate in manipulation of the spine and extremity, and is also a board certified orthopaedic specialist. Over the past ten years Brian has treated numerous patients suffering from various neurological, vestibular and balance disorders affecting the way they walk, predisposing them to a high risk of falling. Conventional physical therapy can be very helpful in assisting patients that suffer from neurological, vestibular and balance disorders, however recently technology has advanced in this field providing a new and improved way of rehabilitation. This is known as Korebalance.

Pictured: patient Gurdon T. retraining his
Balance playing Neverball on the Korebalance System

In September of 2007 Professional Rehabilitation Services introduced Korebalance to the region. The Korebalance System is a computerized balance and exercise system offering the latest in virtual and interactive technology providing a high-tech way for balance assessment and training. The Korebalance technology is backed by over 15 years in the Medical and Sports Medicine community and is proven to work.

Korebalance works by stimulating the brain and nervous system to improve balance, stability, coordination and posture. It improves agility, reaction time and motor control skills. It makes therapy sessions fun and interactive improving confidence for patients suffering from neurological, vestibular and balance disorders, improving balance and decreasing the risk of falling. Korebalance trains the body to respond to unstable environments, enhancing muscle strength, flexibility and range of motion. It rehabilitates and prevents lower limb injuries, keeping athletes on the field. It is a state of the art tool for rehabilitating traumatic brain injuries, dizziness and many other various neurological disorders. It is the first system to offer three-dimensional balance training which is more realistic, functional, and stimulating to the nervous system. All other balance training systems currently only offer two-dimensional training. The world we live in is three dimensions, so in order to properly rehabilitate the nervous system in balance after injury we need to include three-dimensional training.

Korebalance exercises visual (eyes), vestibular (inner ear), and proprioception (where you are in space), to find and create new pathways in the brain, improving balance. Your brain acts like the rest of your muscles, it can get stronger and make new ways of doing the same task. This is a proven technology that is now used and in great demand in many rehabilitation communities including; Professional Sports Teams, Colleges / Universities, the United States Military, Physician and Physical Therapy Offices, and Assisted Living / Senior Centers. Falls are the number one cause of accidental deaths in people over 65, Korebalance is the key to fall prevention programs, reducing the risk of elderly falls and improving quality of life.

Outpatient Physical Therapy is a referred service governed by your Medical Practitioner. The Korebalance system has been documented as providing assistance with the patient populations suffering from Vestibular Disorders including BPPV and Disequilibrium, Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, Fall Prevention, Orthopaedic Injury and Prevention, and many other Degenerative Nervous System and Musculoskeletal diseases. If you have been diagnosed, or think you may be suffering from one of the above listed pathologies, or believe that you may benefit from rehabilitation services, then at the next visit with your Medical Practitioner why not discuss the possibility of a referral to Professional Rehab to work with the Korebalance System. Any further questions on this topic or on the many uses of the Korebalance System please contact Dr. Brian P. Kinmartin, PT, DPT, MTC, OCS, STC, CWcHP, Cert. DN at Professional Rehabilitation Services at (843) 235-0200.

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